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January 15, 2020. Jack Nicklaus reflects on career and turning 80 years old. Note: Displayed prominently on Jack’s desk is a copy of my father’s book: “Jack Grout, A Legacy in Golf.”

Wolf Golf Teachers Hall of Fame Inductees

Dick Grout, Chuck Cook, Jim McLean, Mike Adams, Jim Hardy, Butch Harmon pose for a photo at the Hall of Fame Member Recognition during the 14th PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit held at the Orange County Convention Center on January 18, 2015 in Orlando, Florida.

Inductees and Presenters
2015 Inductees and Presenters

Though many present-day golf fans might associate Jack Nicklaus with Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, his roots in the game actually are about 15 minutes south of there, at Scioto Country Club.

On October 2, 2013, Scioto honored Nicklaus with a plaque where the game’s all-time major champion learned to play the game under the guidance of the late Jack Grout, the club’s longtime (1949-1961) head professional.

On what is presumed to be the exact location where the husky ten-year-old redhead hit his first golf shot in 1950 on the club’s practice tee, a round plaque memorializes the event and the accomplishments of Grout, who died in 1989 at age 79, and Nicklaus.

The plaque reads: In 1950, Jack Nicklaus hit his first golf shot from this location under the watchful eye of Scioto’s PGA Golf Professional, Jack Grout, beginning what would become the “greatest career in golf history.”                               

Nicklaus thanked the club, but he spent most of his time reminiscing about Mr. Grout.

“He taught me not only how to play golf but how to teach myself to play golf, and I think that was probably the most important lesson that Jack ever gave me,” Nicklaus said of his only teacher. “I don’t know whether Jack Grout was the best golf teacher in the world or the best golf teacher, period. He was just the best golf teacher to me.”

The impetus for honoring Nicklaus came from longtime friend L. John Bishop, a Scioto member.

According to the club’s general manager, Bishop told the club’s leaders: “That of all the things that have happened in golf around the world, there’s only one place where the greatest player ever hit his first shot.” Bishop wanted not only to honor Nicklaus but also to recognize the substantial role of Grout, the Golden Bear’s mentor and friend.

Mr. Bishop suggested a gazebo, but the club opted for a plaque. Bishop drafted the initial words, but he died in April at age 93 and would never see the completed work.

Honoring Nicklaus and Grout Legacy

Honoring Nicklaus and Grout Legacy

Look what I found on the shelves at Barns & Noble!

Look what I found on the shelves at Barnes & Noble!


29 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Dick,

    I LOVE your blog. It was great speaking with Denise over the weekend. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

    All the best,

    Bob Grossi

  2. I had a couple of lessons from Dick Grout in 1980, at a driving range in Dallas. It is a memory that I will always cherish. The Six Fundamentals one must master, and golf history. “One must have patience! I am told patience is a virtue!” Wise words from “the old pro”. I enjoyed reading Putting Lesson of a Lifetime. Bob Long

    • Hello Mr. Long,
      Thank you for your kind words about Uncle Dick. There were a total of eight (8) children in the Grout family and Dick was my father’s favorite brother. I am named after him and only wish I had known him better.

  3. Hi Dicky, I was one of your assistants at Winding Hollow CC in Columbus in late 80’s. I do miss those stories about your Dad and Jack and Laughing in the ProShop after an outing. And your offering to but the 3-Wood that Jack gave you years ago because mine was stolen. i should have taken you up on that. Look forward to hearing from you and maybe we can get down to SC to see you sometime. I am a Caddie Hospitality Volunteer at CrookedStick for the BMW this year

    Rob MacDougall

  4. Dick, This is your Sunset Island, La Gorce and St. Pats childhood friend. It is so nice to get to know a man I met 50 year ago, your Dad, Mr. Grout. A real person doing real things as they really are done. Great book and Great story Jack Grout. Hollywood would be a better place if it knew how to be REAL. One thing Mr. Grout gave you was the gift of his and your life is true”Realism” congratulations.
    Jim Brimhall.

  5. Dickie,
    Just finished reading your book. What a great tribute to your Dad. It was hard to put the book down.
    I was fortunate enough to meet your Dad in 1972 at La Gorce while he was giving a lesson to my roommate. We were on the golf team at Miami-Dade North. Your Dad did not say much during the lesson but the few things he did say have stayed with me to this day. My roommate was struggling with the left hand in gripping the club, he could not get comfortable. Your Dad was sitting in a cart and he reached forward with his left hand and grabbed the frame of the cart that connected to the top. He said, “This is how the left hand should be put on the club. Hold the shaft of the club in your right hand, grip pointing to the ground at shoulder level, then reach and place the left hand on the grip and lower the club to the ground.”
    I have shown that tip from your Dad to several hundred golfers while sitting in a cart and always giving credit to Jack Grout. It has helped me and everyone that has heard the story.
    I also remember playing together with you a couple of times with mutual golfing friends around that time period.
    Again great job in telling your Dad’s story. I do remember that I thought that you could really play. Just signed up to your blog.

    Best Wishes to you and your family!

    Larry Zee

  6. I worked for your uncle Dick Grout from 1969-1972. Reading your book brings back fond memories. Dick was quite a story teller and a great guy. In many ways he acted as a father figure for me as my father had died. Dick instilled in me a lifetime of fascination and excitement with golf. He also introduced me to your father, both were truly gracious men.

  7. Dick…Paul Mischinski here!! Thank you for personalizing my copy of your new book last week. It sits prominently in my golf book collection…which is growing nicely. Congratulations…what a wonderful tribute to not only your dad, but your entire family. You were indeed lucky to grow up surrounded by such caring and loving parents and siblings. I have read much about the early growth and history of the game in this country, and this is a wonderful complement to understanding the period…thanks for filling in so many interesting holes…what stories your dad could tell…probably would fill up several hundreds of fascinating pages. I sincerely hope your efforts will help your dad find his rightful place among the other greats of his era…I heartily endorse his recognition as well. Thanks again, and I look forward to talking more when I am down to the Vineyards in a few week. Best, Paul

  8. Hi Dick,

    That picture of you in Barnes and Noble…you look younger than you did in high school! How do you do it?


    Willy Leon

  9. Dear Mr Grout, I am throughly enjoying reading your book about your father Jack Grout and finding the history in it fascinating. I have taken to reading books about Henry Picard and Jimmy Demaret and more after becoming interested in the story of Ben Hogan from his birth and all his struggles in his early years. The link from that time via your father to Jack Nicklaus is interesting also. Just reading the book seems to be helping my golf, I went out to play six holes at my local course Moffat Golf Club in South Scotland and was hitting the ball well thinking about getting a wide arc and not being scared to hit the ball hard! A great book. I was born 19th June 1965 in Aberdeen and have played golf since aged 7 when I went out to play with my father. An excellent book. Thanks.

    • Michael, We golfers born on the 19th day of the 6th month are kindred spirits. During the swing, keep that club out away from you and on a wide arc. As a result, you’ll hit it straighter and farther. Also, your admiring remarks about dad’s book and his generation of players are most appreciated. Finally, our mutual friend Seamus Mcgee is, indeed, one fine gentleman.

  10. Dick,
    It was a pleasure to meet you today. Going to the practice tee after a particularly depressing round, I did not know what to expect when our conversation started, except that it was a really nice day in South Carolina. I did not realize you were a golf professional as we talked, although it was obvious that you were very knowledgeable about the game. Your quiet encouragement really helped me focus on the task of recovering my swing. I had a better day and a better result for having met you. Thank you very much. I won’t forget you.
    Steve Szilard


  12. I knew young Dickey pretty well, playing Junior Golf in Charlie DeLucca’s super program. I remember well how Dickey was twice as tall as I and always wanted to have his MT split sole Irons. Great memories indeed! We knew Dickey was of Royal blood and a nicer kid there was not. Man we had fun! Great to find this site and hope to meet again someday…
    Ron Cohn
    Park City, Ut

  13. Richard: Enjoyed meeting you in Greenville SC. You truly gave me more insight into the game of golf than all of my previous instructors combined. Thank you for your attention to detail and your detailed instruction. William Boney Atlanta GA

  14. Dear Dick,

    My name is Claudia Mazzucco. Golf writer and researcher. I am involved in an effort to introduce young golfers to the lives and careers of golf’s greatest champions.

    This project may have multiple phases and multiple volumes, and it would just start with the biography of Jack Nicklaus. That is the reason for writing this message/comment: I would like permission to reprint some of the historic photos of your father Jack Grout, in particular those with young Jack I found in this site.

    Of course, we will always give you due credit.

    I did subscribe to your Blog a while ago but could not find contact info to connect with you directly.

    Please let me know what you think about that.

    Thank you very much indeed. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards, Claudia

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