Golf Fitness

Pre-Lesson Warm-ups

Here is a quick and easy pre-round warm-up routine to help you avoid those big numbers on the scorecard. I have chosen exercises that target golf-specific muscles.

Using a club for balance:

• Hip Swings: Simply swing your knee back and forth for 30 seconds per leg. This movement will help loosen up your muscles and joints and elevate your heart rate. These muscles are typically tight especially if you sit all day.

• Squats: Squat up and down for 60 seconds. This is an excellent overall exercise to build strength.

• Cross-Crawl: Hold the club parallel to the ground and raise your knee to the opposite elbow for 60 seconds. The simple motion of crossing your elbow to the opposite knee activates the core muscles for better rotation.

• Core Warm Up: Put the club behind your back and loop your arms around it. Practice shifting your weight back and forth for 60 seconds. This is to practice the motion that you are going to be doing for the day. Shift your weight to the back leg and then to the forward leg.

• Shoulder Warm Up: Put the club behind your shoulders and practice making a good shoulder turn for 60 seconds. Try to get your shoulder under your chin on the backswing and practice finishing in balance.

Now you can hit a few practice shots without feeling tight, or head to the first tee knowing you can swing freely for a good tee shot.