What to Expect During Your Golf Lesson

During a typical session with a student, I’ll spend the first 5 to 10 minutes observing your golf swing and making an effort to establish a comfortable setting which will lead to more effective communication between the two of us.

I’ll ask you for some background information:

  • Previous golf and sports history; previous injury history, i.e., any physical limitations; occupation; previous instruction history; goals for golf.
  • Specific golf information. Your practice habits; motivation for playing golf (i.e., competition vs. hobby vs. spouse activity, etc.); motivation for taking golf lessons and examination of your equipment.
  • Set an objective for the lesson. “What specifically would you like to accomplish?”

Next, I’ll analyze your technique. By watching you hit shots with various clubs, I can see ball flight characteristics; find out how far you hit each club; and determine your strengths and weaknesses in the various aspects of golf.

Explanation, error correction and review make up the last portion of the lesson. In this phase, I will explain some ideas, demonstrate certain fundamentals to perform and make suggestions as to what you need to change to accomplish desired results. At the end of the session, I summarize the information.

More advanced, experienced golfers generally want error correction which can usually be accomplished in one to three lessons over several weeks. For those who need additional coaching, I suggest several series of five golf lessons with a custom curriculum over the course of a few months. During that time, we will see one another on a regular basis to gain improvement.