Straight Down the Middle

As many of you already know, my book “Jack Grout: A Legacy in Golf,” was an eight-year labor of love. From the start, I was convinced that my father’s story was one that needed to be written and one that I needed to share with all who would listen. I felt this way because of the vast influence he had on the game of golf and because of the caliber of man that he was. Over the past year I have been overwhelmed by the positive responses the book has received. I wanted to take the time this holiday season to say that I appreciate your kind words. They have reaffirmed my belief that a book about my father’s life was worth creating. Below I have included a few excerpts from some of the awe-inspiring notes I have received from readers. Thank you all for your continued love and support in making this wonderful dream of mine a reality. Merry Christmas!

“I had known the name of Jack Grout, but only in the most superficial way; as the golf coach to Jack Nicklaus. How exciting to read that there was so much more to him. The stories of his early days with Picard, Nelson, Hogan, et al is a story that I hope many will read. What came out of your book, to me, is what a great man your father was. I close with my thanks for your kindness to me and this – Even though I never met your father your book has made me miss him all the same.” – Will M. in South Carolina

“While your Dad was a great teacher of golf, he was a much better teacher of life. He taught me and everyone around him that a gentle manner wasn’t a show of weakness, but rather one of strength. I don’t recall ever hearing him raise his voice. His voice always had that gentle lilt with a hint of mischief in it. He could really spin a yarn.” – Rick B. in Ohio

“I found this book to be not just about a great man but a great person and one that everyone seemed to hold in high regard. What more could any of us wish for?” – Daniel F. in Florida

“I really enjoyed reading about the “old” days and such things as how hard it was to make a simple long distance phone call or the small amount of money your dad and others played for on the early tour. I came away from the book with an even greater respect for Jack Nicklaus and his accomplishments. He won about everything when I was growing up and I considered him the best putter ever. It was quite interesting to read about the troubles the great golfer had towards the end of his career with his full game as well as his putting stroke. It hammers home to me what I already knew – golf is one hard game. I also came away from the book wishing I had a chance to meet your Dad… he seemed like a wonderful teacher and human being.” – David S. in Pennsylvania

“I was fortunate enough to meet your Dad in 1972 at La Gorce C. C. while he was giving a lesson to my roommate. We were on the golf team at Miami-Dade North. Your Dad did not say much during the lesson but the few things he did say have stayed with me to this day. My roommate was struggling with the left hand in gripping the club, he could not get comfortable. Your Dad was sitting in a cart and he reached forward with his left hand and grabbed the frame of the cart that connected to the top. He said, “This is how the left hand should be put on the club. Hold the shaft of the club in your right hand, grip pointing to the ground at shoulder level. Then, reach and place the left hand on the grip and lower the club to the ground.” I have shown that tip from your Dad to several hundred golfers while sitting in a cart and always giving credit to Jack Grout. It has helped me and everyone that has heard the story.” – Larry Z. in Florida

“The story has so many interesting aspects especially about the club professionals during that time. I never quite understood why you always rooted against Tiger when he was playing. However, after reading this book I completely understand the concept. Jack Grout, in my mind, after reading his story was such a true pioneer in golf that he deserves recognition unquestioned. The story had such a powerful message & being a fellow golf professional it has many things I can relate to. I wish I was alive during that time period to have been able to meet your father. I’m sure he would have quite a few interesting things to say about my swing, especially being a lefty!” – Matt W. in Michigan

“In these times of excess, entitlement, and disappointment with people of notoriety it is gratifying to read about your father, his talent, and character. The most impressive thing is the type of role model he was.” – Frank H. in Pennsylvania

“By the end of the book I was moved to tears. Your father had a lot to be proud of; not only because of the man and father you have become, but also because you are a wonderful and endearing son. I hope the powers in golf read your book, and your efforts result in the ultimate recognition for your father, and he is inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame. He certainly deserves this accolade, and it would be a thrill to see you representing your father at the ceremony.” – David B. in New Jersey

“An avid golfer myself, I really enjoyed the stories of your father’s golfing exploits and travels with some of golf’s greatest players… His love for teaching most assuredly affected his playing success, but as you so artfully disclosed, that was what he loved to do most…” – Bill L. in Pennsylvania


4 thoughts on “Straight Down the Middle

  1. Dickie,
    Thanks for all the great and informative articles. I look forward to each one. Merry Christmas to
    you and your family and have a great New Year! Larry Zee Naples, Florida

  2. Good morning on Christmas morning and hopefully your enjoying your family on this wonderful day……Got your book last Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it……. it was a great expansion of our first conversation on Glassy’s 17th tee box several years ago……let me know how I can assist in having his just rewards as a member of the Golf Hall of Fame…..a healthy New Year to you, your lovely wife ( as you know I am one of her many secret admirers) and your family…

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