Psychological Conditioning

Are you into playing mind games? Well, for the sake of your golf game, you’d better be. The plain truth is, to play anywhere near your own capabilities; you’ve got to do an admirable job of managing your thinking, emotions and behavior. It’s common knowledge that many of the best players in the world employ sports psychologists to help them through their peaks and valleys. If, it’s good enough for them, is it good enough for you? Of course, it is. Try these mental game suggestions. They might be your ticket to lower scores.

Develop a pre-shot routine. If you are interrupted, stop, take some deep breaths and start again from the beginning. Create a dependable game by having a consistent state of mind.

Slow down, take your time. Set your own pace when taking a swing and walking between shots. Stick to it.

Commit 100% to the shot. Focus on what you want to accomplish. Play to a specific target and only play when you are ready.

Trust your swing. Tell yourself – relax – you’ve got this shot. Then, let her go.

Breathe my friend. Develop your own tempo and timing. Everyone has a natural rhythm – tap into it.

Develop a pre-game routine. Give yourself plenty of time before you tee-off. Stretch; hit a fair amount of practice balls and roll some putts. Be prepared to begin your round.

Visualize the shot. Before pulling the trigger, picture in your mind the shot that you want to play. Give yourself the best chance of success by seeing the ball fly where you want it to land.

Be mellow. Overcome a poor shot with ease. Say to yourself – “No, that really wasn’t me.” Then, forget about it and move on.

Reward yourself. Reinforce good shots. Secure that feeling of satisfaction into your brain by saying to yourself – “Yes, that was me and, I can do it.”

Set yourself up for success. Be clear about what you want. Have confidence. One shot at a time.

Finally, golf is a game of excellence. Develop an excellent mental game. Play to the spirit of the game. Be driven to continually improve your golf swing and your thinking and emotional management on the course.


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